COMPONENT CHECKLIST: Planning a Workshop


✓  How will you learn about the place and the people involved in the professional development experience? (For example, school website, SSIR online reports, discussions with the site coordinator.)
✓  Based on what you have learned, what specific choices can you make about the learning targets and activities?

✓  How will you support your work with a brief connection to theory, research, and/or policy?
✓  What are the quotes or artifacts from students or teachers that support your work?
✓  How will you present your evidence to support the specific purpose of this particular workshop?

✓  What is the big idea or question guiding this professional development experience?
✓  What knowledge, skills, and dispositions do teachers need to cultivate and develop in order to address the big idea?
✓  How will you prioritize the learning targets that are most important?

✓  What key elements of the art form have you chosen to focus on in this PD experience?
✓  How will you identify and define the chosen elements for the classroom teachers?
✓  When will you refer to the elements throughout the workshop, in order to help embed understanding for the teachers?
✓  How might you engage the teachers in discussions about the elements to solidify their understanding?
✓  What materials will you provide that can serve as long-term reminders of the art form and its key elements?


✓  What types of experiences will provide teachers with personal insight into arts integration?
✓  What experiences will foster participants’ confidence in art making?
✓  What kinds of experiences will serve as adaptable models upon which teachers can elaborate in their own classrooms?

✓  In what way(s) will you guide teachers to discuss, analyze and/or consider how to facilitate the arts strategies, techniques or.approach?
✓  How might teachers actually practice facilitating?
✓  How might you offer feedback about the classroom teachers’ attempts with facilitation?
✓  How might teachers benefit from their experience facilitating their peers?

✓  How will you introduce and guide participants to understand student achievement in and through the art form?
✓  What will classroom teachers do to practice assessing student artwork?
✓  What will classroom teachers do to practice designing assessment tools?

✓  When will reflection best help teachers think carefully and critically about an important point?
✓  When do classroom teachers need time to make sense of what they just experienced or learned?
✓  Which protocols will insure that 100% of the workshop participants will discuss and/or answer a given reflection question?
✓  How might a question be framed to encourage thoughtful, insightful answers, as opposed to reiterating a ‘correct’ response?

✓  What amount of time will allow participants to develop plans for implementing ideas from the PD experience?
✓  What materials (e.g. templates, books, protocols) might you provide to teachers to help them begin planning practical ways to integrate the arts into their own lessons?
✓  What structures will you use for providing feedback to teachers as they plan?

✓  What methods will insure complete and candid feedback?
✓  What kinds of evaluation questions will provide yo with actionable feedback to improve future offerings?
✓  How will you analyze and find significant themes within the feedback you receive?
✓  What short-term evaluation questions might help improve an ongoing PD experience?
✓  In what other ways, or for what other audiences, might this feedback be useful?


✓  What opportunities are you providing teachers to commit to next steps?
✓  How are you asking teachers to put their new learning into practice following the professional development experience?
✓  As appropriate, how might you check-in on their implementation?

✓  What are you requiring teachers to produce in the way of arts-integrated unit or lesson plans?
✓  What template will you provide within the professional development experience?
✓  What curricular resources will teachers have access to after the PD experience?

✓  What instructional coaching support can you provide following the PD experience?
✓  How will you make yourself available for such coaching?
✓  What is the likely coach’s experience level with arts integrated instruction?
✓  How will you help teacher participants reflect on their facilitation experience to encourage them to be self-directed learners?

✓  What might you demonstrate that will be most useful?
✓  How will you guide classroom teachers to notice the choices you are making when demonstrating?
✓  What questions might you pose to classroom teachers before beginning the demonstration?
✓  What points will you discuss after the demonstration?

✓  How might you develop a shared lesson with your partner classroom teacher(s)?
✓  How might you define role responsibilities in advance of facilitating a co-taught session?

✓  How might you help classroom teachers define a focus and questions for a simple action research process that can provide.them insight into their effectiveness?
✓  How might you demonstrate how an action research approach might increase classroom teachers’ understanding and effectiveness?

✓  How might you connect with structures of collaborative planning and reflection that exist at the teachers’ school sites?

✓  What modes of online support are available or likely to be used by these teachers?
✓  How will you assist them in accessing these supports?

✓  How might you use classroom video to demonstrate the efficacy of your arts integration approach with students?
✓  How might video help demonstrate ways to assess student achievement in and through the art form?
✓  What technology will teachers require in the classroom to capture learning on video?
✓  Who will do the recording? How can you support (templates, protocols) teachers in reflecting on their recorded teaching?

✓  What resources might you develop with the classroom teachers during a PD experience to help them solidify their ….understanding that they can use after the workshop?
✓  What resources will you produce for the teachers? How will you guide the teachers to use them?